International Education Management


Raona has accomplished achievements in International Education Management. Whether it be her experience in effective institution management, assessment and curriculum development and management, maintaining her ability to enable students to reach their A/A* potential in achieving desired subject exam results or facilitating people to acheive their desired targets and goals Raona has a track record that is of the highest calibre. Review her LinkedIn summary profile and professional progress for further evidenced information.
As an education consultant she has benefited from developing great expertise and proficient management skills in diverse specialisms. She has managed institutions, curriculums and health related projects, adhered to and developed international educational policies in countries such as Bahrain, Caribbean islands, Egypt, Indonesia, Qatar, Turkey, and the USA.
Her exposure to a wide breadth of international individuals has allowed her to celebrate the benefits and addresss challenges involved in facilitating growth and independence in the thinking practices of learners all over the globe.
In her role as the Head of Indonesia campus of Barnsley College she focussed on upholding the college mission statement of 'Together we Acheive'.   Raona  promotes and supports staff and learners to voice and be in collaborative ownership of their learning and social development, respecting cultural diversity, equality and developing global citizenship of staff and students alike. She places strong emphasis on enrichment to create an environment for learners and staff to extend their education, pedagogy and personal growth. Equal emphasis is given to fostering creativity and critical thinking in students and staff to develop with a range of digital technologies available to them so as to maximise their success and progress in professional and educational pathways anywhere in the world.