Founder of REFITCLASS  Raona Williams                     
Senior Occupational Health Chartered Physiotherapist
Clinical Governance Lead
Doctoral researcher in digital education         
Health Career Mentor                  

(BSc. MChem. M.Ed, MCSP. PGDipEd (QTS) HPC: PH72470 GTC 1056571)

Raona Williams is a knowledgable, driven, talented, charismatic international educator and Physiotherapy professional. She has developed expert specialisms in education and clinical practice over 18 years of working experience within health, sport, fitness and education sectors worldwide. Her years have involved gaining qualifications in sport, education, health and science: BSc (Hons) Chemistry, Bsc (Hons) Physiotherapy, Master of Medical Chemistry, Master of Education, Postgraduate Diplomas in Sports training and Education in Science (QTS). Research for her Masters in Education (awarded with distinction) specialised in Critical Thinking Skills and effectively differentiating for different learning styles utilising digital technologies and work related learning in the 21st century. She is now completing Professional Doctorate level research in transformative learning, communities of practice and digitised media.

Raona has gained wide ranging experience as a specialist clinician and educator in not only the UK but also a diverse range of countries within the continents of Europe, USA, Middle East, Far East and the Caribbean. She has  lectured in corporate and educational institutions and has specialised in educational research of pedagogical practices in digitised learning  and critical thinking within Education.   Raona is a proficient public speaker and also privately tutors/mentors individuals in physiotherapy education and clinical career fields

In addition to specialising in education, Raona enjoys drawing on her varied and experienced clinical professional skills in corporate health. She maintains an active registration with the Health Professions council and is a Senior Occupational Health Physiotherapist and Clincal Physiotherapy Governance Lead.

Raona started her career as a Medicinal Chemist and due to her passion for sports and fitness, changed career to become a UK/EU trained chartered sports physiotherapist and clinical educator which led to moving on to subsequent public health management in  UK government before specialising in education management. She gained notable experience as an Olympic sports physiotherapist during London2012 and has amassed significant clinical rotational experience working worldwide within conventional hospital ward settings including respiratory, neurological, acute, general medicine, surgical, orthopedics and outpatients departments. Over a sixteen year period she has developed and widened her creative expertise and management proficiencies in  education and health within a range of countries additional to her London, UK base such as Bahrain, Turkey, Bermuda, Jamaica, USA, Egypt, Qatar and Indonesia. 

Raona  has  a passion for health, fitness and entrepreneurial business development and in the past has run a successful consortium engaging with athletics trainers, sports coaches, pilates and yoga instructors, wellbeing therapists, beauty therapists, dancers, specialists in training disabled people and paralympians, massage therapsists and specialists in managing sports injuries.
As a devoted and successful mother, clinician, businesswoman, health professional and educator Raona is inspired by leaving a legacy to others and focusses her career on reflective practice and the  impact of digital learning technologies around the world as she completes doctorate level research on how professional communites of practice can incorporate learning technologies and digitised media.
She conducts professional training workshops, presentations and is a proficient public speaker. She is an inspirational and creative leader who has experience in mentoring a wide range of individuals (adults and children), allied health and fitness professionals, sports coaches and teachers in schools, colleges and clinical health environments all over the world.
She has  a well established successful record of and passion in enhancing reflective clinical practice in others and enthusing higher order creative thinking to individuals in our fast paced technological  and digital world.