Living the R.E.F.I.T mantra of 'Redesigning Education, Facilitating Individual Talents' Raona fully believes in the benefits of engaging in Professional postgraduate research. The main stimulus driving the quest in research relates to her innate desire to redesign how education is imparted to others living in the 21st century.
Raona Williams is currently engaged in doctorate level research in areas of professionalism, transformative learning and digital learning technologies. Her academic blog as she progresses through the development and writing of her research can be found here.

Precursor to Professional Doctoral research:
M.Ed thesis:
'Imparting critical thinking and reflective practice in the 21st Century'
A JISC published abstract of the thesis can be found here
Purpose – The purpose of this Masters level study was to evaluate differentiation and reflective practice from the educators’ perspective to explore how they impart critical thinking skills onto their learners
Originality/value – The thesis produces a educational toolkit which provides evidence of modern perceptions and practices of educators to impart differentiation, critical and reflective thinking using traditional and digital means. This will inform educators, young learners and policy makers involved in all walks of life with goals to progress their professional develoment.
For further details of this research and to organise public speaking or further dissemination of the research findings make contact today.