CARICOM Expatriate Professionals

"Out of Many, One people" - The Jamaican National Motto
As a proud, successful and accomplished British professional of Caribbean: Jamaican Heritage and in respectful honour of previous generations whose legacies we are building on, this page is created to highlight dedication as a successful global professional towards supporting the emerging and strong CARICOM network of professionals worldwide. 
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These links will form an important hub and platform to capture, disseminate and share good practice  of creative talents, transformative educators, positive role models and ambitious people within these emerging economies.

A range of issues centred around digital education and learning technologies will be studied throughout Doctoral research and relatable constructs involving CARICOM (Caribbean community) networks will be highlighted and appropriately. An example of this can be found from the REFITCLASS October 15th reflective blog post.

This is of interest to those linked to CARICOM Expatriate professionals - either as a 'Caricom expatriate' yourself, someone with a history from the Caribbean, or knowing professionals born in/descended from/living outside of the Caribbean.
This page can equally be linked to the wider global sphere: we are all one community in the world and not enough links are highlighted to showcase global history and cross cultural strengths. The development of this network will serve to highlight and developing power, knowledge and talents of CARICOM and associated international notable individuals.