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Natural Beauty Skin Care
Do you ever wonder what it is that gives skin that luminescent glow that makes natural beauty so attractive.
Just as beauty is in the mind of the beholder your outer image is the reflection of your whole beauty.

Your concept of beauty should reflect the state of your mind, how you feel about yourself and the texture of your skin. Three principles bind together your individual unique beauty. Your inner health, your outer appearance and the secret of skin care is what makes natural beauty so attractive.
The secret is having a positive attitude towards pampering your skin, nourishing it with natural skin care products, and then sitting back and feeling good about the way you look. Combining these traits in a positive way is guaranteed to emphasizes your natural beauty.

Why you should develop natural beauty skin care habits
Your day to day feel good factor alone brings total happiness into your life. It makes life worthwhile learning how to maintain your natural beauty to give your skin that healthy luminescent glow is what.
Just as your physique, and especially your skin, is bound to change over time wrinkles, and stretched skin are often an unavoidable by-product of aging. Think of what your body will look like 10, 20 or even 30 years from now, and keep that in mind as you develop a natural skin care habits in helping to keep your skin feeling and looking naturally beautiful.

Joan Rivers a female comedian who died at the age of 81yrs 5th Sept 2014 stated in an interview that her biggest battle in life was to keep herself looking young. She resorted to over 700 time of going through plastic surgery and spent a fortune on skin care products. I proposed that she did not need to purchase such expensive product riddled with paraben preservatives when simple plant based product is accessible.

Your unique natural beauty
Overtime, your physique and your skin will change overtime due to unavoidable by-product of age. Think of what your body will look like 10,20,or even 30 years from now and keep that in mind as you develop a natural skin care habit in helping to keep your skin looking and feeling beautiful. Learn the secrets of how to maintain the natural beauty to give your skin a healthy luminescent glow.

The environmental have on your skin
Your skin the most versatile organ of the body. It is the only organ that has the ability to rejuvenate itself, excrete waste from your body, breathe independently, protect you from bacterial invasion and show your beauty in a magnificent way.
With such an important role, it’s no wonder you will want to take care of this precious organ.
Your unique skin characteristic will react to the environment in an individualistic way so you need to know how to manage your skin care according to how your skins react to the elements

Your unique skin characteristic
Beauty care consultants will frequently classify facial skin according to the surface characteristics. This is useful in the sense that it provides some practical tips for your daily beauty skin care to optimize the appearance of your skin.
Your skin will vary considerably according to your general health, age, stress level, diet, and activity.
What sort of skin do you have? Combination, oily, dry? What texture is your hair? How does your body respond to specific beauty products? Knowing these things will help you to develop a beauty regime that keeps you looking beautiful naturally. Taking care of your skin is individual only to you and tips on how to care your skin type will go a long way in helping you chose your skin care products.

Work out what works best for you by understanding your skin 
Water, air fire and solids will impact on your skin in ways as having a drying, hot, cold, oily, rough, acidic dull, smooth irregular texture to your skin. Theses descriptions are not exhausted.
City lifestyle exposes you constantly to toxins, dirt, pollution, tension and stress Even the air you breathe, the food you eat and with the diminishing ozone layer even sunshine is hazardous to your skin.
With today’s high stress level life style, regular skin care program is no longer a luxury but a necessary and essential anxiety and beauty therapy to combat the ravages of modern living.

Skin Types and skin care tips
Normal skin What does normal mean anyway?
If you don’t have a problem with oil or breakouts, and you don’t feel that your skin is dry and tight, you probably fall in the normal skin type range. Most people with normal skin have small pores, little to no breakouts and can get by with little foundation. Recommendation for maintaining normal skin is gentle cleansing each day using an organic cleanser or facial scrub. Apply a light application of Refitclass exfoliating facial scrub and a light based moisturizer each evening, preferably one based on natural plant materials such as avocado, lavender, and hemp extracts. Overexposure to the harsh sunlight is damaging for normal shin so use maximum protection sunscreen.

Oily skin, less prone to wrinkles and other signs of advancing age.
Oily skin is often caused by hormone signals that increase the normal rate of sebum production and release. Typically, the surface feels greasy to touch while the appearance is shiny, often with visible pores. Acne and other blemishes are commonly associated with oily skin. Avoid the temptation to cleanse too frequently. Rather than removing excess oil, this action stimulates the sebaceous glands and may exacerbate the problem. The recommendation is to use natural plant cleanser such as Refitclass light exfoliating cream formulated for oily skin. followed by a cream moisturiser each evening. Adequate protection against the damaging ultra violet rays of sunlight, a healthy diet with lots of raw fruits and vegetables combined with outdoor exercise will help to balance your endocrine system and alleviate minor problems associated with oily skin.

Dry skin has without daily attention and careful nurturing has a tendency to wrinkle and become more brittle with age
Dry skin is usually fine textured with a slightly dull appearance. On close inspection there may be some flaky or granulated sections particularly around the corners of the mouth, eyes, and forehead. Dry skin often feels tight or mildly uncomfortable
Use natural products formulated for dry skin such as  Refitclass special jocoba almond blend to keep mature cell well moisturised
. Dry skin requires a non soap cleanser with additional moisturising action. Lightly moisturise during the day and apply a night cream before going to bed. Most natural skin care beauty consultants will also recommend a rehydrating eye gel. Improve your dry skin by  paying careful attention to your diet and lifestyle. Several medical conditions are strongly associated with dry skin so regular a thorough medical assessment will help to eliminate these. Ensure that your diet is rich in essential fatty acids, including the omega 3 and omega 6 oils., nuts, seeds, and sea vegetables. Always drink plenty of water during the day and try to restrict the intake of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. . Dry skin is extremely vulnerable to the elements and needs to be protected with an appropriate sunscreen during outdoor activities

Combination skin
Refers to the skin that has the characteristic of the two opposite ends of the skin care spectrum. Majority of people with this combination have a T-zone that is oily, and cheeks that are dry. Many people deal with occasional breakouts and larger than normal pores, especially on the nose.
The main issue people face is what kind of beauty skin care to use. Many people try products meant for oily skin because they think that because they breakout, they must have oily skin. This usually leads to dry flaky skin and lots of frustration. Combination skin requires gentle oil control in certain areas as well as moisture to ensure even healthy skin.
If you find that certain areas of your skin are dry, yet others are on the oily side, you probably fall into the combination skin type.
You'll need a gentle skincare regime to take care of your combination skin. Refitclass exfoliating cleanser is in a class of its own as its natural ingredients makes it safe for daily use. This exfoliating cleanser is perfect for combination skin. It cleanses your skin gently but thoroughly, removing all of your makeup and skin impurities without stripping your skin of the essential oils that your skin needs. Plus, with exfoliating particles, it helps loosen dead skin cells bringing fresh skin to the surface. What is left is a perfect balance resulting in a more refined even face.

Sensitive skin often has similar qualities to dry skin
In addition sensitive skin has areas that tend to react against both internal and external influences. Sites of reaction may be caused by allergies, pollution, chemical irritants, illness, extremes of temperature, and other unsuitable environmental conditions. The visible signs of reaction include redness, dermatitis, chafing, broken veins, capillaries and mild bruising. The care of sensitive skin is similar to that recommended for dry skin.
Sensitive skin needs to be cleansed and maintained with a hypoallergenic and unscented range of products. Most of the synthetic chemicals contained in conventional skincare are unsuitable for sensitive skin. Products formulated with natural ingredients are safer to use. It is worth the effort of ordering small samples of Refitclass natural skin care products that are specified for sensitive or dry skin, and to compare their effects and results over a period of time.
Sensitive skin requires a high degree of protection against adverse weather conditions and ultra violet radiation. Choose clothing made from natural plant or animal fibres and avoid synthetic garments, particularly those containing viscose polyester and rayon.
When you take time for yourself it is an act of loving yourself .We have acknowledged that natural cosmetics are more healthier and more effective than there synthetic counterparts and today’s health conscious people are beginning to demand more of a total natural skin care products.

Refitclass Products
Explore my world of natural skin care aids. Not everyone has the time or the temperament to make up custom skin care aids from scratch every day, but do try it occasionally. To help you, men and women ,with your daily skin care I have formulated these products from natural food ingredients They help you develop the habit of routine daily cleansing and moisturing skin care.

3 Excellent tips for giving your skin a luminous healthy glow
Avoid heavy-duty cleansers
• 1 Unlike your pots and pans, “your skin needn’t be ‘squeaky’ clean to to look radiant so don’t overdo it. Mild, non-detergent cleansers such as milks, gels, foams, or cloths—are your best bet.
• Scan the ingredient label
if products contain gentle, plant-derived surfactants (the prefix coco- equals coconut, for example; gluco- equals fruit sugars). ‘The natural source is often hinted at in the name’, says Raona Williams (BSc, MEd, MChem)
• Ditch the toner
These were originally invented to restore the natural pH of skin after it had been washed with analkaline-detergent soap. “If you’re using a pH-balanced cleanser, there’s no need for toner,” Raona says. “It’ll only dry out your skin.”

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