Creative Education Management


Learners should not be 'standardised'. One size does not and should not fit all.
Education should be a great springboard that helps people to learn. Innovation involves tapping into your own creative resources.
More creativity is needed within education in the 21st Century to stimulate innovation and develop resourceful future generations through education.
Developing innovative work using creative and integrated approaches is at the heart of research objectives through REFITCLASS.   Future leaders should focus on a fusion of academic and vocational education for young learners that is of a more open, reflective structure. There must be more of an effective bridge than the current disparity between academic and relevant vocational/digital learning connectivity that is evident. Young individuals are not yet prepared for the rigors and rapidly changing realities of active learning in the 21st century. I aim to be a visionary in engaging in developing digital environments for learning and teaching in clinical care and scientific learning that are not just artificial settings but are in a complementary academic and vocational environment. Technology and educators must work in collaboration rather than working in an abstract context.
Creative Education can be imparted and facilitated in cannot be explicitly taught through standardised methods but can definitely be enthused through various styles of imparting learning material.
Directing passions for creativity and enthusing how to turn learning ideas into successful reality are among Raona's expert skills and she proficiently manages the development of Creative Education in learners and those who provide tools for learning in others.